Transtak Pte Ltd

TRANSTAK PTE LTD was founded in 2012 in Singapore. It starts its business for importing the spare parts and machinery for agriculture. Due to economic landscape changes in Myanmar, it starts into the electronic design and manufacturing industry in 2014. Currently TRANSTAK provides a full range of technical supports to Myanmar SMEs from the electronics architecture design to the product manufacturing.

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Electronic Circuit Design

We are proud to be a part of this dynamic and challenging field. Transtak Pte Ltd is one of the most up-to-date consulting firms in Myanmar and Singapore in the field of Electronic Design. Our engineers are carefully selected and we consider it a high priority that they keep abreast of all the latest technologies. Applying these recent innovations to our designs is one of the keys to our success. "To be innovative and creative each and every day" is our passion. We specialize in electronic design and development as well as in creating prototypes from ideas presented to us.

PCB Design

Whether you require a circuit design or a PCB design we at Transtak Pte Ltd can help you.We will review the details of the PCB in terms of size, features and assembly requirements and we will use the latest CAD software available to design the PCB layout for you. We can design the circuit based on your requirements or you may supply us the circuit schematics and we will follow the interconenction in the schematics to design the PCB layout. Our PCB Engineer runs the PCB design through our design rules and make sure it is manufacturable and the cost of PCB is not higher than norm.

Embedded Firmware Design

An embedded firmware is a software for a special type of processor in electronic hardware devices within a larger system. These embedded systems all have processors of some type. The processors complexity ranges from very simple, like microcontrollers to multi-core CPUs with built-in peripherals such as PCIe, and memory management. Embedded firmware works as central computers that provides instructions to the device on how to operate. Firmware starts working when device is powered on, and runs continuously.